He was a bad, bad man
Via Dubai from Dagestan
He never believed
He’d ever get, to ever let
Those let sleeping dogs lie

A mantra to fill his heart with hate
Demanded their heads upon a plate
Never forget, never forgive, never regret
And never surrender…

He was hammer and sickle debris
He was as cold as the Caspian Sea
Who knows where this madness will end?
When dead men are laughing again

Threw cash at the bride to feel like a man
To swell with the pride of Dagestan
He drifted from friend, to foe
To fool, to Istanbul

Swastikas all over his pencil case
Felt only contempt for the human race
Confusion and sadness etched upon his stupid face
Enough to make you cry

Kalashnikov weddings back home
The fallen comrades on your phone
Allow me to lighten the load
For enlightenment’s not on this road

Boxed demons to keep the wolves from his door
He couldn’t relate to them anymore
He yearned for his Mum, just someone
To stop him tearing himself apart
Enough to break your heart

The last of his blood and his kin
Craved vengeance and what it could mean
But when bile’s seeping out of your skin
It’s time to let go and begin…life


from The Trojan Cow LP, released May 26, 2016




Siberian Death Crash Manchester, UK

Mates making music and films in Manchester, UK.

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