Redbeard's Blues

from by Siberian Death Crash



Sour the taste dissolves
It’s got a kicker!
There’s a flicker getting quicker
As the flames take hold
I’m getting sicker
I’m shitting brickers in my knickers
Coz the dude looks kinda slicker

A Buccaneer of some rare distinction
Stowaways are unsuspecting
Candidates for resurrecting
He’s a man of some reputation
He seems to think what’s yours is his
He helps himself to that and this

Barrels of rum unfurl
I’m getting slimmer
But his figure’s getting bigger
As my chains uncurl
He got a winner!
He hid a ticket in me' dinner
I’m a kid and he’s the kidder

I’m worth way more than this
I’m cool, I’m a fool
He won’t get away with this
He’s aged, he’s frigid

Know that yer knocked out
It’s a no brainer!
Same when yer conked out
Do me a favour!

“Bad dreams, you see me coming
Quick heels, I see you running!
I’m not bad, my hearts in the right place
I pluck my cabin boys from the rat race!"

Sold for a sixpence
Meet your new maker
Commandeer Sweet Anne
Don’t you forsake her

"I’m broken hearted the crew has deserted me
My cabin boys and me on the open sea!
My bubble sword primed at the ready
A ton o’ rum to keep my hand steady
I’m blowing bubbles just for the hell of it
I buried treasure deep in your sandpit
They call me ‘Redbeard’, dam right I’m in charge!
Now who’s this doppelganger they call ‘Sarge’?”


from The Trojan Cow LP, released May 26, 2016




Siberian Death Crash Manchester, UK

Mates making music and films in Manchester, UK.

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