The SomnAmbulance

from by Siberian Death Crash



I sometime find I’m hypnotised
By diamond dogs with feline eyes
They make me trawl the gutters for a pillow
They’ll light me up they’ll drop me off
It’s time to go I’ve had enough
The siren sounds Somnambulance awaits me

I snooze you lose
Better drag up my bones
Cut loose and kick the booze
Cos it’s catching up with me
We’ll deconstruct the blues
Waste deep in sleep
Scrape pennies to pay the mules
Who smuggle me home to you

Oh Somnambulance you always came to rescue me
You were the only one who could ever believe in me
Oh my rocking horse she upped and left
She grew so tired of fixing me up and putting out all of the fires

I typically don’t greet the day
The night she stole my charms away
I fester, pluming dead skin up the chimney
The haze soon grows into a fog
That draws me in like the black dog
That Pavlov couldn’t get back in the kennel

I long to lose
The will to smash the mantra of these fools
Who pull me out of your arms
We’ll reconstruct the blues
Mix X with Y
Drop chromosomes in the loop
Blow the roof right off of the coup

Oh Somnambulance you always saw the best in me
You whispered something softly to keep with me
Oh the days are gone when I could sense that you were near
Now it’s you who circle me, you stalk so gently

Only the strong get home
Not me, I’m weak and floundering
Sleepy, this dream mutated, magnified then tranquillised
So sweetly that I never realized

Only the tough survive these culls
Despots sup cocktails from our skulls
Only the brave come through unscathed
Geysers of blood where tyrants bathe
A vehicle to guide me through the light
That dictators crush with all their might
A sitting duck, the sirens call
Make autocrats out of us all


from The Trojan Cow LP, released May 26, 2016




Siberian Death Crash Manchester, UK

Mates making music and films in Manchester, UK.

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