Self​-​Excavating Prophecies

from by Siberian Death Crash



Don’t crave my love; it’s ordinary
Covet my blood, extraordinary!
Quest to digest, beat coagulation
Bleeding’s the best! Sweet menstruation

Heads says you won’t get far
For I shall be the one to tug you back!
Don't ever touch your scars; don’t ever trace an arc
For the past soon fades to black

It came from within, it’s going to bring
Flaming effigies sprout hairs on their chinny-chin-chins
Self-excavation will bring me these things
Genetic odysseys that lurk deep beneath the skin

Short, sharp, blunt blows; self-flagellation
Laugh long; laugh loud, Gods of degradation
Flayed and displayed, a strange sensation
Exposed, explained through vivisection

Don’t doubt I’ll bide my time
I vow to hide these crimes until my dying breath
I’ve learnt to sever nerves; know how to transfuse words
To exorcise, not maim

It came from within, it’s going to bring
Burning prophecies melt the glass in my chinney-chin-chin
Self-excavation will bring me these things
Geometric oddities protrude through the holes in my skin


from The Trojan Cow LP, released May 26, 2016




Siberian Death Crash Manchester, UK

Mates making music and films in Manchester, UK.

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